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Soundbetter Success is a deep dive into the strategies and tools that have helped me generate a substantial income on the platform. We cover everything from creating a profile that sells, how to talk to potential customers, developing a workflow that supports your business, and the right mindset to go far as a freelance musician.  

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Preview The Online Video Course

Learn how to sell your musical services online.

Getting Started

& Set Up

Get some insight on setting up your profile and additional tools you may need down the line.

Pitching & Responses

Discover how to pitch yourself and apply for projects.  Learn how to deal with rejection, PLUS a bonus PDF deck with templates and tips. 

Marketing Strategies

Although the main focus of the course isn't marketing. There is a bonus section with suggestions and tactics to help you get the word out. 

Workflow Development

Once you get hired for a project how will the work flow? Typically the customer will hire you and expect you to take the lead. What files do you need, how will you deliver the final product, and what are you terms of service? 

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