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When it comes to making hooks, Breana Marin is a connoisseur. The singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles has taken the internet by storm licensing hip hop hooks to indie artists. She is one of the top-performing vocalist/ songwriters on the Beatstars platform where her hooks have brought in 6 figures in sales and collectively racked up millions of views on youtube. She is most known for her velvety smooth vocals influenced heavily by sade and Imogen heap. She has written for the likes of Fifth harmony, Keyshia Cole, Phora, Brandy, and Letoya Luckett.

Breana is the Founder and CEO of Love Pulse Music. Love Pulse is a collective of industry professionals with expertise in every key aspect of the music business. From writing and production to publishing and touring, Love Pulse can give you the tools you need to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Love Pulse licenses beats with hooks to thousands of indie artists also offers custom hook services to artists and producers looking for songs to call their own.

In addition, Love Pulse will soon be releasing new engaging and educational videos weekly to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in a constantly changing and competitive environment .

Breana is passionate about all things indie artists and entrepreneurial. She loves partnering with brands that help empower artists and musicians to take their careers into their own hands. She recently spoke on a panel at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA discussing her experience selling beats with hooks online and making 6 figures. She also collaborated with during their “Sounds For Songwriters” campaign and shared her process of writing full songs to royalty-free loops.