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What's Up!

My name is Breana Marin

A singer-songwriter who's been making music for over a decade. I decided to break away from the traditional songwriting route and pave my own path. My career drastically changed after I built a dedicated client base on platforms like Beatstars and Soundbetter.


This transformative experience has impacted my life for the better, not only personally but also in providing me the opportunity to empower and mentor other creatives to discover their distinct artistic voice, fully express themselves and elevate music beyond just a hobby.

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In addition to making music online..

I've been fortunate enough to work with a variety of artists and television shows, through my production house, Love Pulse. My music has found its way into an impressive array of popular TV shows. These include 'Ghost,' 'Force,' 'Raising Kanan' (Power Universe), 'The Chi,' 'Twenties,' 'BMF,' 'Star,' and 'Empire' on Fox. Working within the realm of TV and film has also offered me unique opportunities to write songs performed on these same shows by well-known artists such as Chloe Bailey, Brandy, Ryan Destiny, Hailey Kilgore, and Luke James.


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But my journey as an artist hasn't always been easy. Like many musicians, I've had to work hard, overcome challenges, and stay true to myself to achieve my goals. I founded Love Pulse Music, a collective of songwriters and producers working to create music for tv and film, and I've released over 180 hip-hop hooks on the popular Beatstars platform. In addition to the hooks garnering millions of views on YouTube, I've established myself as a top-performing artist on the site, and my beats with hooks have since been licensed by indie artists worldwide.

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Empowering Indie Creatives

I'm passionate about supporting indie artists and entrepreneurs. My mission is to give creatives the tools and insight they need to take control of their careers and reach their aspirations. In the videos above had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, where I shared my experience selling beats with hooks online and earning six figures. I also collaborated with SOUNDS for their "Sounds For Songwriters" campaign, where I shared my process of turning royalty-free loops into full-blown songs. I'm always looking for new ways to support and inspire the indie community.

I know firsthand that the journey to success as an artist can be a long and winding road, but I also believe that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and a little luck. If you're an aspiring artist or just a fan of good music, I hope you'll join me on this journey and follow along as I make my mark in the music industry. Thank you for stopping by and for your support!

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