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Upgrade Your Studio Game with My Home Studio Recommendations

Here, you'll find the gear that I personally use and recommend for achieving a professional sound. As a musician, my setup is constantly evolving, but I believe the products on this page are solid choices for any stage of your musical journey. From the equipment I used when I was first starting out to the gear I currently use, you'll find everything you need to take your recordings to the next level. Browse my selection below to build your perfect studio today!


Studio Isolation Pads

Reduces vibrations from the studio monitors getting passed down to the surface they’re sitting on.


Microphone Isolation Shield,

Sound absorbing foam for noise reflection reduction


MXL 770

Record quality vocal performances with this vocal recording bundle including:


UAD Apollo Twin X DUO


IsoAcoustics Speaker Stands

Reduce vibrations resonating through the surface to eliminate dissonant sounds in the room.


Acoustic Panels Studio Foam

Great for spot treating sound on walls in your studio or office

Cables & Wires

Furman PST-8 Sound Power Station

Dramatically reduces AC line noise and contamination resulting in improved audio/video clarity

Studio Monitors

Yamaha HS7

The Yamaha HS7 active studio monitors will help you make better-sounding recordings


AKG C414

A versatile mic, great for recording vocals

Hard drives

SAMSUNG T7 2TB, Portable SSD

5x faster than external hard disk drive (HDD

Cables & Wires

Mogami XLR Cable


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

Over-Ear Studio Headphones for professional recording and monitoring.

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