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Tailored Coaching for Songwriters and Indie Artists

Are you an aspiring songwriter or indie artist with big dreams and specific goals in the music industry? I'm here to help turn those dreams into achievable milestones! My coaching program is tailor-made for individuals like you who seek professional guidance in navigating the complex landscape of the music business.

This isn't just about vocal techniques or stage performance; it's a holistic approach to your career as an artist. My expertise lies in helping you refine your songwriting skills, develop effective strategies for improving your music, expanding your network, creating better music, and turning your songs into income. Together we will create actionable steps to take your career in the right direction.


Coaching Plans

Each session will be adjusted to match your personal needs and focuses.




Price: $150 per month

  • Two 30-minute sessions per month, focusing on goal setting and basic industry guidance.

  • Actionable items and personalized notes are provided within 48 hours post-session.

  • Limited content review: One item per month, offering feedback on a song draft, marketing material, or short email communication.

  • Limited email support for quick queries once a week.

  • A customizable approach to address specific client needs and goals.


Launch Pad

Price: $340 per month

  • Four 30-minute sessions per month

  • Actionable items and personalized notes after each session

  • Access to additional resources such as templates, book recommendations, playlists, and articles

  • Content reviews for emails, album artwork, and other relevant materials

  • Limited Email Support: Includes up to 2-3 emails per week for brief queries and clarifications, with responses typically within 48 hours on business days, focusing on session-related guidance.



Price: $600 per month

  • Four extended sessions per month (up to 1 hour each)

  • Comprehensive notes and detailed action plans after each session

  • Additional resources tailored to your specific needs

  • In-depth content reviews for emails, artwork, and more

  • Unlimited Email Support: Offers comprehensive and in-depth email support with responses typically within 24 hours on business days, under a reasonable use policy for ongoing guidance and strategizing.

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Price: $75

A La Carte: Quick Spark Session

Jumpstart your music career with a 'Quick Spark Session' - a focused, half-hour power meet designed for your immediate needs. Ideal for gaining initial industry insights, receiving targeted feedback on projects, or quick strategy brainstorming. This standalone offering is not tied to a monthly plan, making it perfect for a one-time, in-depth conversation to bring clarity and motivation to your current goals.

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